MBA Oil and Gas Management

MBA Oil and Gas Management

About the programme
It is a one (1) year collaborative programme between Ghana Technology University and Coventry University in UK. The MBA in Oil and Gas Management is designed to meet the educational and professional needs of administrative and managerial staff working in or associated with the sector.
The international business environment is currently undergoing a series of fundamental and far-reaching economic, social, technological and geo-political changes. These changes have led to the emergence of a new and very different market reality that demands very different patterns of thinking and behaviour. The MBA has been designed to explore in detail the nature and implications of these changes. It provides students with the skills and mindsets that will allow them to operate within, and lead the organizations of the future.
In doing this, we focus on issues of leadership and international business, and upon the ways in which the current managerial paradigms might most effectively be re-thought and new patterns of thinking implemented. It has been designed to equip graduates with the appropriate management skills and knowledge to undertake strategic leadership roles in the oil and gas industries.
Whilst developing essential managerial skills needed for successful multinational oil operations, the programme also develops sufficient understanding about the current trends in the oil and gas sector. Students would understand the roles of international and intergovernmental agencies, advisory bodies and non-governmental organizations in formulating, implementing and enforcing specific environmental protection.
Students are introduced to the application of international, regional and bi-national conventions relating to specific aspects of environment protection and pollution control.
Sufficient knowledge is gained on emergency management in an oil and gas environment. The MBA also aims to explore the environmental, social and economic impacts of the oil industry and by comparison with best practice, examine ways in which these can be reduced.
The formation and exploration of reserves, energy cost of refining and alternatives to flaring, environmental and social impact assessment of oil production and health issues on refining and spillages are critical knowledge areas on the programme.

Programme Modules

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas
  • Future of Oil & Gas
  • HSE management in Oil & Gas
  • Industry Organizational
  • Behaviour & HRM Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Impact Of Petroleum Exploration, Extraction And Transport
  • Petroleum Contracts and Economics
  • MSc Project

Why should l choose MBA Oil and Gas course?
It will enable students to develop advanced skills in strategy and management, and a sound knowledge of energy management
It produces knowledgeable and experienced practitioners in the oil and gas sector with the advanced business skills needed to function as a contemporary energy manager.

1 year (full time) or 2-3 years (part- time). It is a weekend programme. Evening option is contingent on the availability of numbers.

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