MSc Engineering & Management

About the Programme

It is a one (1) year collaborative programme between Ghana Technology University College and Coventry University in UK. The Engineering Industry is very diverse. The MSc programme gives students the flexibility to choose alternative courses to get the range of skills required to meet the aspirations of each student and /or a company depending on the courses selected.

Critical knowledge areas include lean manufacturing principles to eliminate waste, and control processes at various levels throughout manufacturing and service systems.

Quality is identified as a strategy for continuous improvement in business performance. Accordingly, the programme evolves through strategies for competitive quality, quality in design and manufacture and the customer supply chain to the concept of Total Quality.

In -depth knowledge is provided on purchasing and procurement management and its application   strategically and practically in an industrial organizational context. In addition, students would have the qualities needed for employment in circumstances requiring sound judgment, personal responsibility and initiative, in complex and unpredictable engineering/professional environments.

Programme Modules

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Contracting Management
  • Organizational Behaviour & HRM
  • Quality Management & Six Sigma
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Purchasing Management
  • Sustainability & Environ. Mgt Systems
  • M-Commerce
  • Lean Operations
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • MSc Project

Why should l choose MSc Engineering and Management programme?

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

  • Apply skills to the practice of management in an commercial engineering enterprise
  • Deploy Strategic principles in scheduling and planning for industrial projects
  • Understand the legal and commercial requirements of contracting and purchasing activity
  • Effectively evaluate the impact of operational strategy on a company’s corporate strategy.
  • Respond to and manage elements of change, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Course duration

1year (full time) or 2-3 years (part-time). Evening and weekend options are available.


Graduate admissions office-

Accra campus: +233 (0)302-917152, 0202698352/3
Kumasi campus: +233(0)3221-92373, 0202698214
Koforidua Learning Centre: 0202625760, 0202625761
Takoradi Learning Centre: 0202625794
Ho Learning Centre: 0505663496

Facebook: www.facebookcom/gtucgradschool

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Saturdays: 9.00am-2.00pm