New Graduate Student Orientation is Mandatory in GTUC. Our focus for orientation is to help students excel in studies. Orientation content is developed with this goal in mind. Postgraduate studies at GTUC is a step ahead of the traditional postgraduate studies around. Apart from its blended learning systems, and online learning management system, the school is very keen on excellent academic writing.  Though some of our courses were developed with industry, all write ups are subjected to vigorous academic standards.

At the Graduate School, lectures begin right after orientation. It is therefore imperative for all admitted students to understand they way things get done at GTUC Graduate School. Top Management always look forward to orientation at the Graduate School to share their experiences with students and give all relevant information to help students excel in their studies.

International students get the opportunity to get answers for questions that helps them to transition smoothly GTUC community. Campus social and academic resource information is an important component of the programme.

Whether you are new to the University or have been here previously, the new Graduate Student Orientation programme will provide you with information on important issues such as academic collaborations, thesis writing, graduate research and literature research. This event is also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other graduate students from across Africa.