PhD in Telecommunications Engineering

The PhD programme in Telecommunications Engineering aims at cultivating innovative researchers capable of advancing the frontiers of knowledge in telecommunications engineering through improved theories, qualitative analyses, and integrative applications. The programme provides a unique option for students and/or practitioners wishing to pursue careers in the telecommunication industry, research departments of public and private organizations, and in major academic institutions.

Students will take courses from the following core areas:
  • Algorithmic aspects of Telecommunication Networks
  • Random Processes
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Performance of computer systems
  • Advanced communication and computer networks
  • Software engineering
  • Wireless Communication systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Network security
Elective courses may be selected from the following areas:
  • RF engineering
  • Optical communication systems
  • Fields and waves
  • Information theory
  • Detection and estimation theory
  • Coding theory
  • Engineering of Packet switched networks
  • RF and microwave communication circuits
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Introduction to wireless communication systems
  • Signal and coding for wireless communication systems
  • Propagation and devices for wireless communication
  • Antenna engineering for wireless communication
  • Advanced radio frequency engineering
  • Optical network architecture and protocols
  • Network security
Seminars/Conferences & Research Workshops

Workshops/Conferences and seminars will be based on core study areas indicated above.